White Middle Finger Cup – Funny Cup



  • Material: Ceramic – Feels good, but don’t drop it.
  • Diameter: 9cm
  • Color: white – the best color.
  • Certification: CE / EU


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The perfect gift for the best friend.

Everybody has a best friend, you also. And we have to admit – it is hard to find gifts for best friend. Is it gonna be for a Bday, or some other special occasion – it becomes harder and harder with years. But, the love, the connection that you have with this person is so special, that you want to give him something funny, but not a cliche. A mug is perfect, but not with your picture on it.

This mug is the perfect gift for your best friend. Think about it, you laugh with this person, you cry, you fight, you share – give him something special, something so that when he sees it he thinks about you. This cup will express you like:
“You are dumb, but I love you”.
To share love is not always it the way of flowers, nice gifts or dinners. Sometimes, we need something different, something to be different from all the others. Like this funny cup. 

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