Magic Color Changing Cup – Gas tank level Cup



  • Material: Ceramic – Nice and heavy
  • Capacity: 300ML-400ML
  • High: 9.2cm – just enough for a full tank.


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You need to recharge every morning.

That’s right. You have hard time doing it? You need a big cup of coffee to do so? But, sometimes, the coffee gets colder and you get surprised by that. Somebody called you on the phone, you spoke 10min and now the coffee is cold. You don’t know? Because you don’t have this magic temperature cup.

Looks so nice and it is perfect, PERFECT gift for car lover guys (or girls). It will give them this nice feeling of a car even in the morning. Why not to make every day a car day with this nice mug?

1. Don’t expose under the sunshine for long time
2. Don’t scrape on the printing with sharp tools
3. Wash with hand, not suitable for dishwasher machine.
4. Water temperature should be over 70°C/158°F



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