3D Car Tyre Coffee Cup – Awesome gift idea



  • Capacity400ML – soo much coffee.
  • Material –  Ceramic – but what?
  • Ceramic TypeClay – a, ok.
  • Certification CIQ,CE / EU


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Do you know a car guy?

Somebody who loves cars, engines, motors or anything with engine on it? Is he a good friend of yours? Then you know how hard it is to give them something for a gift. Like, you are a person who doesn’t know much or at all about cars and you are supposed to give him something. How? Well, there is this cool car tyre looking like cup.
“Its just a cup”- you say. Yes, but it will save you for one year. For one year you will not gonna have to buy another thing for this person and it is not even expensive.

Or if you like cars and you need a cool cup for your desk, for your hot coffee in the morning in the garage – this is a perfect cup for a person like you. Just think about it, how you will look like with that. Cool as a fresh washed car.


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