Bat Wing Cup – Black Coffee Cup – Awesome Gift


Capacity: 330ML – so much good coffee.
Material: ceramic – don’t drop it.
Size: diameter 21.5cm* height 11.2cm
Product weight: about 405g.
Structure: A single layer


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Best desktop product for gamers.

Ok, it can be for everybody else, not only for gamers. But look at it – so cool, so dark, so wingy. Perfect for a gift for somebody, who spends a lot of time on their desk. Why? Do you have a desk? You have seen a desk off cores, but have you seen a desk with cool stuff on it – pencils, toys from games or anime? Something to catch your eye? Maybe, but this product is one of those things – to have something cool on your desk.

It is also a nice gift for a man cave. Think about it – watching something and drinking from that nice cup. Perfect!
Be different! Buy Different cup!

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