Cool Alien Coffee Cup – Mug



  • Material Ceramic – very good material.
  • Product Size – 12.5 * 8.2 * 10CM – very well.
  • Volume – 380ml – so big.
  • Product weight – 350g


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Are we alone?

Have you ever had a coffee in the morning with a normal cup, still sleepy, asking yourself some questions? Like – “Are we really alone in the universe?” – Maybe? Well, ask no more, because we bring you the cup that will make you believe. So cool and so funny, that you can show it to your friends and start telling them how you got abducted by aliens – and then you show them the mug. Such a cool way to start conversation.

Or you just like the space and you want something at work to remind you of your favorite hobby? Well, this maybe is the wright cup for you.

Our story:
Then you go to the description – long enough but very, very useful. This is our description of the product! I did not copy-pasted from anywhere, because I value my customers. I want them to feel good when they are- See more

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