Stainless Steel Cup – I am not a paper cup


Size: See picture below, but it is really good.

Capacity: 500 ml – so much cold in one cup

Material: 18/8 stainless steel – easy to clean.

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Are you looking for that summer cup?

The one cup, that you have only for the summer, the one cup that you can put ice in it and drinks and froots and everything, drop it and it will never brake? The one cup, that will give you cold hand, because you just want a cold  drink?

As we always say – you can use a cup for so many thing – keep stuff in it, use it as a flower pot and more. This one is very good for example for cold drinks in the summer. Order more and you can open a bar for example. Cool enough but not to crazy. For the time, when you just need a cup.

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