Folding Metal Cup – Universal Folding Cup


Capacity: 75ml – just enough
circle, to have more usage.
Size: Shown on the picture.
Material: Stainless Steel – easy to be cleaned
Product Weight: 68g – so light.

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You want a folding cup for camping?

But my friend, let me tell you something – it is not only for camping. You can use it for so many things like:
– Drinking from it.
– Eating seeds from it.
– Storing trash in it like bubblegum (always use the trash bin).
– Stopping the door with it.
– Throwing it to take down a fruit.
And more.

Just because it is a folding cup that doesn’t mean you have to use it only this way. You are camping on the beach, jungle, your parents roof – wherever. You need as much tools in one as possible. This cup will be the perfect tool for your camping experience. You can use it as a key chain or hand it to a backpack. Find the best place to attach it and that’s it – multi-functional foldable cup.

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