Big Glass Beer Cup – Sexy Beer Cup



  • Material Glass – Feels colder.
  • Capacity – 700ml – so much liquid.
  • Size – there is a picture with that.
  • Made by – Artificial blowing.
  • Certification CIQ,EEC,CE / EU,SGS


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Girls and Beer – perfect!

You want to have this two magnificent combinations? You want to feel good when drinking beer, watching football or car racing? But, do you have a cup for beer or a girl to hold?
Normally, girls don’t like football or cars, but you want to have this perfect combo. How to do it?

With this super cool sexy glass beer cup. Look at it – do you feel already holding it? Hold on, you need to buy it first.
Think about this cup as your special cup. As a cup that will make your beer taste better, your football/car experience get better. Just because you have this sexy looking cup. It is so big, you will have it near you for longer than the last relationship you have been in to. Think about it – is it better to have a cup in the shape of a perfect woman and watching TV, or having no woman and no beer?


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