Shipping time

This is our shipping time table.

It is included in every product that is been shipped in the shown time frames. Please, have patience, your product is coming.
If your country is not in the list, feel free to contact us to ask how long it will take.

UPdate 23.7.2018:
We want you to have your products as fast as possible. So, what we are gonna try to do is, to give you faster shipping at no price. You can buy any product from here at 0.00$ shipping cost. Take advantage of that, because it will be for a limited time only.

We will also try to send you the products as fast as possible using faster delivery options. But, be careful, because your country will also be important. For some countries, there is just no chance for 2 weeks delivery time.


Shiping toHow long it takes
United States21- 40 days
Russian federation36-59 days
Spain30-50 days
France23-42 days
UK30-50 days
Brazil22-42 days
Netherlands19-39 days
Canada30-50 days
Italy30-50 days
Ukraine15-45 days
Poland30-50 days
Australia23-47 days
Germany30-50 days
Belgium21-46 days
Bulgaria37-60 days
Croatia19-47 days
Czech Republic22-45 days
Denmark15-45 days
Greece24-45 days
Hungary22-45 days
Ireland25-46 days
Romania15-47 days
Serbia20-47 days
Slovenia15-47 days
Switzerland30-50 days
Turkey30-50 days