About Us

About Us – About our story – About our Idea!



I am the creator of this website and here I would like to tell you about our story – how did I came up with it and how I will try to change the way you shop online.
Have you been shopping online recently? How did it feel? Did you like your online experience? Most probably, what happened was – you saw something interesting online, clicked, ok – low price – I buy it! Done! It was so simple, so automated – where did we lost the selling spirit?

The moment, where you enter a nice website, with clean and simple to navigate buttons. Then you see the name of the product – short, simple, but still long enough to give you Idea of what product you are looking for.
You enter the product webpage – simple, but enough.
You can see pictures, you can see short description of the product you are about to check – and this description is only copy-paste. Nobody makes the effort to make it a little bit more interesting. A little bit more full and not a copy.

Then you go to the description – long enough but very, very useful. This is our description of the product! I did not copy-pasted from anywhere, because I value my customers. I want them to feel good when they are shopping, no matter it is online. Even a description is important, because there is all the main information. If you are given only bullet points to what the product is – why should you buy it?

Make a good feeling for the customers.

This is so important for me, because I want you to feel nice, good, happy when you shop. Because look – here you will find cups for home, for gift. Those are not cups from gold, silver or anything else. Those are cups that will make a memory. You can buy a cup for your friend, for yourself and this cup will be a special one, because it is not just a round, shapeless cup – no, the cups here, give you moments, they give you feelings.

That’s how I want the people who have visited this website to feel – welcomed and happy. Write me a email – say what you want in here or share some personal experience – go for it.